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Chamraj - Cold Relief Herbal Tea Keep cough and colds at bay!
200 gm canister
$ 12.95 X nos

200 gm canister x 2 Nos
$ 22.45 X nos

200 gm canister x 4 Nos
$ 37.45 X nos

Breatheez Cold Relief Herbal Green Tea
Ailments such as cough and cold affecting persons with lowered immunity can be prevented by consuming herbs which are immuno - modulatory, antibacterial and antiviral.

This tea incorporates herbs authenticated in Ayurveda
Pashanabhedi (Coleus) leaves Rich in volatile oils, abates dry cough and sinusitis.
Alarka (Solanum) roots Controls infections in lungs
Tulasi (Tulsi) leaves Eradicates pathogens in early stage of infection, controls fever and running nose.
Vasa (Adhatoda) leaves Expectorant, digest phlegm, clears obstruction in the nose.
Yashtimadhu (Licorice) roots A tonic, soothes the throat
Sugandavacha (Alpinia) rhizome Induces bronchodilation and gives relief even in chronic asthma.

This  combination of herbs exhibit a wide range of action to provide effective relief from cold associated with inflammatory condition of respiratory tract due to allergy, infection and mucous accumulation.

Herbal Constituents blended with tea:

  • Tulsi: 23g
  • Vasa: 20g
  • Alarka: 15g
  • Pashanabhedi: 14g
  • Yashtimadhu: 14g
  • Sugandhavacha: 10g
Use this tea at the first sign of throat discomfort due to colds, prolonged speaking, or exposure to damp weather! Consume for atleast a week!
Nutritional facts Per 100 g tea
Proteins 1.47 g
Carbohydrates 43 mg
Energy 6.1 Kcal

Serving suggestions
Influse 1-2 teaspoons of tea in one cup of boiling water. Extract for 5 minutes. Filter, squeeze lemon to taste.

Lock the foil inside the canister and close air tight. Store the canister in a cool dry place.

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